A Journey into Welding Engineering – Darren Donnison
25/03/2021 - by darren.donnison
Leaving school and being bored of parrot fashion education, I realised college was not for me. I did take engineering as a GSCE and I also enjoyed sci
BS EN ISO 9606-1 revalidation of welder qualifications
19/01/2021 - by darren.donnison
BS EN ISO 9606-1 covers qualification testing of welders in steel and its alloys. After the initial effort and investment of a welder passing their we
Storage and Handling Procedure
11/01/2021 - by darren.donnison
Storage and handling procedure falls into six areas which need to be considered for any quality management system in a welding engineering company, es
07/01/2021 - by darren.donnison
The UKs departure from the EU, on the 1 January 2021, means that manufacturers will now need a EU Recognised Third Party Organisation for the approval
BS EN 15085-2:2020. What has changed?
07/12/2020 - by darren.donnison
BS EN 15085-2:2020 is the first of the series to be updated and published by BSI standard publication.
How does Synergic Welding Plants work?
06/11/2020 - by darren.donnison
Within the “welding world”, we regularly hear the word Synergic used to describe a method of welding. We thought we would take the opportunity to
Welding Stainless Steel – Austenitic Alloys
23/10/2020 - by darren.donnison
Additions of chromium (12% min) to steels promote a beneficial increase in corrosion resistance not seen in structural steels (S275, S355), C-Mn Steel
Introduction to Mechanisation
08/10/2020 - by darren.donnison
Often mechanisation is introduced for several reasons, ranging from; client standards, improvements needed for welding productivity or quality, large
The Weldability of Nickel Alloys
14/09/2020 - by darren.donnison
A material that is said to have good weldability can be welded without the need for very careful controls in order to avoid major defects or to achiev