Passionate about welding

We are passionate about supporting you and your business to achieve the welding quality, safety and compliance you need.

We are the only facility in the UK that provides end-to-end consultancy and advice whilst being able to deliver hands on solutions, training and certifications under one roof.

Our 'Why'

Proud welding engineers and examiners

We're a team of welding engineers and examiners who value the right balance of experience, science and accreditation to deliver expert consultancy advice and market leading training and certification services.

We are proud to be supporting the growth of businesses that rely on welding expertise and are creating a centre of excellence that is setting new standards in learning.


Brian Cowell
NDT Manager
Peter Lyons
Managing Director
Stephen Carr
Welding Engineer



Getting people certified and solving projects are our main goals. If we don’t succeed first time, we'll always find a way.


Honest, open and objective about the support, training and advice that businesses and individuals actually need.


Focused, reliable and responsible in everything we do towards delivering real fixes to real problems and needs.


Innovative, ground-breaking thought leaders who can be the difference between mediocre and pushing boundaries.


Always encouraging continuous learning and open knowledge sharing to make a difference in our sector.


Our world leading welding facility uses the latest equipment and is at the forefront of safety procedures.

Facilities include:

  • An eight-bay welder training and testing capability.
  • A Kemper extraction system to ensure welder safety whilst on site and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Full facilities for hosting training and examination including meeting space, WiFi, catering facilities and parking.