Sectors we support

We have the experience to support companies across a wide selection of sectors and project types including:

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas demands expertise in a wide range of materials including carbons, steel, stainless steels, nickels, titanium and more. The WDC team have delivered a high volume of Oil & Gas projects and can develop your welding procedure to specific industry and client specifications.


Nuclear demands are imperative to meet with high quality standards, documentation quality and customer specific requirements. Our team are extensively experienced in nuclear projects and have created and supported clients with BS EN ISO 3834 QMS to stringent levels.


NADCAP (WLD) audits can be difficult to navigate in Aerospace with checklists and pre-audit evidence required. We offer BS EN ISO 19828 visual inspection training and company specific certification. Our welding engineers have experience in fusion and resistance tooling solutions for NPI products.


With harsh Marine environments known to affect the lifetime of a fabrication in service due to corrosion, we can support and consult on material selection and WPQR development.


Helping the automotive industry design welded joints for resistance welding. Our welding engineers can risk assess your design prior to NPI development, to ensure weld quality throughout the life time of the project.


Rail demands on welding procedures are high in both production and service so require the expert training and consulting available at the WDC. We operate to stringent quality standards including BS EN ISO 15085.

Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

Corrosive environments and high temperatures accelerate corrosion and risk creep related failure. We can support your welding procedure needs with PWHT to support everything from rressure vessels to other PED equipment.


Low weld contamination and the avoidance of welding defects in thin gauge materials is critical for food industries. We can advise on everything from specialist welding equipment to purging solutions to achieve a high quality weld, and prevent contamination to the product.

Yellow Goods & Mining

Complex fabrication don’t always get assembled with repeatability, We have the specialist knowledge to introduce welding processes that bridge wide gaps and ensure your goods are made from wear resistance material.