BS EN 15085-2:2020. What has changed?

07/12/2020 - by darren.donnison

BS EN 15085-2:2020 is the first of the series to be updated and published by BSI standard publication. This specification covers the requirements for welding manufacturers within the railway sector. The Welding Development Centre want to provide a brief outline as to the changes of the 2020 revision document.


Key Changes from revision 2007

  1. The series is expanding (page 2) – Current BS EN 15085-6 “Maintenance welding requirements” is current and drafted for the public comments. The scope of the document will cover how maintenance facility define classification levels for manufacturers of railway vehicles during maintenance or maintenance activities.


  1. Cl 4 is no more (page 6) – Certification levels are now defined as CL1 – CL3. They are now issued in line with the safety relevance of the welded component manufacturer, High (CL1), Medium (CL2), Low (CL3). The Certification levels are also allocated to components to be manufactured (Ref Table 1).


  1. Types of activity (Page 9) – Types of activity are now defined with indicator as Design (D), Production (P), Maintenance (M), Purchase and supply (S) (Ref table 2). A manufacturer of a welded vehicle can undertake one or more of the types of activities.


  1. RWC (Various) – Several additions have been focused around the RWC, from technical knowledge to competency. The first addition to the standard is, the manufacturer shall have a written procedure on how to qualify and establish coordinators. Requirements of welding coordination within an organisation has been updated, one important update is that owners, GM’s, and production managers cannot be recognised as RWC’s, ref Annex C for small manufacturers. An evaluation of the technical / competence knowledge of welding co-ordinators is now split into four groups, 1: Basic knowledge of the subject, 2: Application and use of principles and rules, 3: Overall mastery of the subject, 4: Ability to develop method and procedures (Ref Annex D).


  1. Manufacturing declaration of the welding activities (Page 13) – A document needs to be prepared to meet the requirements of section 6.0. If the business changes the declaration changes!


  1. Supervision of sub-contractors (Page 14): Before ordering parts the manufacturer responsible for delivery of the final product, shall ensure the sub-contractor can achieve the requirements of the relevant part of 15085. CL1 sub-contracted parts, the manufacturer must inform the customer of any part sub-contracted; each welded part must be traceable to the sub-contractor used! FAI shall be performed by the manufacturer as per 15085-5.


  1. Minimum requirements of manufacturers (Annex B) – This relates to certification classes, type of activity etc.


  1. Guide to evaluate the size of a welding manufacturer. It is a simple equation to establish the size of the manufacturer.

For clarity on the standard, training, or advice on implementation contact The Welding Development Centre for assistance, our lead auditors will be happy to help.