Welding Aluminum: MIG welding options
03/10/2021 - by Jack Miller
Aluminum material has very specific properties which need to be considered during welding to prevent excessive distortion and grain growth.
Introduction to Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
22/09/2021 - by Jack Miller
As part of our range of NDT capabilities, The WDC offer Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT). PAUT is similar to conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT
NDT at The Welding Development Centre
06/08/2021 - by Jack Miller
This blog discusses The Welding Development Centre’s Non Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities we can offer to our clients.
Sean Peatfield joins The Welding Development Centre
17/05/2021 - by Jack Miller
Sean Peatfield joins The Welding Development Centre (WDC) as a Welding Technologist. The WDC have continued to grow our expert team of welding profess
A Journey into Welding Engineering – Darren Donnison
25/03/2021 - by darren.donnison
Leaving school and being bored of parrot fashion education, I realised college was not for me. I did take engineering as a GSCE and I also enjoyed sci
Training and Testing at The WDC
04/03/2021 - by Jack Miller
This blog is designed to give you an idea of what typical training and test days are like at The Welding Development Centre (WDC).
Calculating Pre-Heat according to BS EN 1011-2
15/02/2021 - by Jack Miller
BS EN 1011 is issued in several parts in order that it may cover the different types of weldable metallic materials and specific welding processes.
BS EN ISO 9606-1 revalidation of welder qualifications
19/01/2021 - by darren.donnison
BS EN ISO 9606-1 covers qualification testing of welders in steel and its alloys. After the initial effort and investment of a welder passing their we
Storage and Handling Procedure
11/01/2021 - by darren.donnison
Storage and handling procedure falls into six areas which need to be considered for any quality management system in a welding engineering company, es