BS EN ISO 9606-1 revalidation of welder qualifications

19/01/2021 - by darren.donnison

BS EN ISO 9606-1 covers qualification testing of welders in steel and its alloys. After the initial effort and investment of a welder passing their welder qualification test, NDT and/or mechanical testing, what is next?

The skill of the welder shall be periodically verified by one of the following methods.

  1. Every three years.
  2. Every two years. This also requires the welder to have volumetric testing on two welds during the last six months. Providing the volumetric testing is maintained, the tests can be revalidated for an additional two years.
  3. Valid if the following caveats are followed: The welder is working for the same manufacturer, the manufacturer has been verified in accordance with ISO 3834-2, and the manufacturer has documented that the welder has produced welds of acceptable quality based on application standards.

What else needs to be known?

For manufacturers working to European standards and directive pressure equipment directive (PED) & Simple pressure vessels (SPVD), welder qualifications validated by methods A and B, the examining body or examiner is the recognized third-party organization. Method C is not permitted for categories II, III and IV products.

Which revalidation suits my business? (Examples below)

  1. This can be utilized in factories which build “one off”. The welder qualification is specific and not manufactured within facility often, this would therefore make NDT evidence difficult to maintain. A production welder is soon to retire i.e., within three years. PED and SPVD requirements apply.
  2. Production ranges frequently match the essential variables of the welder qualification, and volumetric testing is conducted frequently. PED and SPVD requirements apply.
  3. There are no PED and SPVD requirements within the facility, or other client specifications. The facility has 3834-2. The RWC must approve the qualification and monitor quality of welder testing within the manufacturing facility.

The final consideration which must be considered is the certificate needs to be confirmed every six months, otherwise the certificate becomes invalid. This is done by the responsible person with a company or the examiner / examining body.

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