Training and Testing at The WDC

04/03/2021 - by Jack Miller


Our facility here at The WDC is COVID friendly, with effective social distancing measures put in place. We are 100% committed to keep our customers and staff safe and have conformed to all government guidelines.


Your first morning on site.

On arrival, you will be met by your CSWIP Welding Instructor. We will take you through our 'on-site health and safety documents' and allow time for any questions you may have.

Once the formalities are out the way, it’s time to discuss your welding experience and areas you feel you may need specific focus on. (For example, recently we are seeing people needing a specific focus on root passes on pipes with a solid wire).

We start by drawing up a training plan, this is specific to you as an individual and based around the welding examination you will be taking.


Let us get started.

We like to start by seeing you produce basic welds with the process or processes you will be tested on. This is just to give your instructor a quick view on where you are at and how comfortable you are in the process!

From here, your instructor will work through your training plan producing welds in a range of positions and helping you improve your technique. This is a great opportunity for you to pick our brains whilst working 1-1. Our friendly personnel are highly qualified and experienced and will help you in anyway they can.



Another fantastic benefit of training day’s is the simulation of your weld test. By mid-morning/lunch we aim to have all delegates on with their first practice test. This is your opportunity to put into practice what you have been working on throughout the morning. This is also a great time to find the best parameters for you, when completing your weld test.


Lunch Time

All delegates who train with us will be provided with lunch. Once your refuelled, we go back to the workshop to do your second simulated test.


Mock Exam

This time, we like to try and make this as close to the real weld test as possible. This may sound daunting, but its great practice for the real thing.

You will set up your weld coupon, select your consumables and parameters and ask your instructor to check your set up. Following the WPS, we will check your joint set up and parameters conform. Once we are happy, we will ask you to proceed with your first run. From here, we will carry out inspections just like during your weld examination.

Once completed, we will carry out a full visual inspection of your test piece and discuss the results with you.

Remember, if you have questions, do it now whilst its relevant, we are to help and support you every step of the way!


The Day of Examination

On the morning of your weld test you will have some time to get ‘warmed up’. From here you will work through the steps to complete your examination. As engineers, we like to keep everything standardised. You will be using all Lincoln equipment and consumables; this way you know you’re using the best equipment during the examination.

Once your weld test is completed our CSWIP Welding Examiners will carry out a visual inspection and arrange the required NDT and mechanical testing. This can take up to 3 working days. Once we have your results back, we will have your welder qualification in your inbox within 48 hours!


We hope this has given you a clear insight into how our Training and Testing services are carried out here at The WDC. Our expert welding professionals are here to support you and your welding needs, and we are passionate in making the whole process personal to you, ensuring you get the best advice and training possible.

If you are interested in our Training and Testing services, or you would like to find out more information about the other services we provide, feel free to browse our website after you have read this blog. Or, you can contact us here.