Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Services

08/09/2020 - by Jack Miller

The Welding Development Centre can offer exceptional ULTRASONIC Testing (UT) as part of our overall Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capabilities thanks to our new innovative piece of equipment, the Masterscan D-70.

UT is used for the detection of surface flaws, such as cracks and seams as well as the ability of checking thickness of materials. This type of testing is far superior to any other form of NDT method when detecting or measuring flaws, showing the importance of this type of testing.

About the new equipment

The Masterscan D-70 offers inspectors a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspections across all applications. Some of the capabilities of this instrument include, encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness Logging and Dryscan capability all within a portable enclosure. Some of the key functions in this particular range of equipment allow for high levels of near surface resolution, penetrating power, and excellent signal to noise ratio.

What does this mean for WDC?

This new piece of equipment will help increase the capability here at WDC. We can offer certified UT operators, as well as approve inspection procedures signed off by a PCN/CSWIP level 3. With this, you can be sure that UT here at WDC will be efficient and extremely reliable.

This piece of equipment can allow us to fulfil our high standards of NDT requirements and maintain our benchmark of producing the best quality service possible for our customers here at The WDC. We pride ourselves on our high level of expertise and the Masterscan D-70 can help excel this further and allow us to provide the most effective UT service possible.

So, if you or your business requires fast and efficient UT, we can offer a highly flexible and short notice service, to fit directly to your needs.

The WDC is also available for rapid response testing. We are available to come to your facility at a moment’s notice and help support you in your testing needs. From rapid ‘ad-hoc’ or project length support, the WDC are here and ready to help.