Supporting a Globally recognised Railway Manufacturer

04/09/2020 - by Jack Miller

We recently worked with a North East railway manufacturer who provides a global coverage of high-quality rail solution services. They were seeking a quick and effective resolution to a variety of problems they were being faced with, including…

  • Welder training needs
  • Welder failures
  • Lengthy training times
  • Standard of WPQR

What was required?

This client had been having problems with alternative service providers in adequately training their welders, with many of them feeling their training needs were not being met. This resulted in numerous failures as well as lengthy training times, meaning that efficiency and turnaround of projects was taking a negative effect.

Another issue the client was faced with was the standard of WPQR they had recently received, they stated that the DOC pack was not to a high standard as it was incomplete. This is where The Welding Development Centre stepped in, as we can offer a turnkey solution for WPQR’s as well as help aid in the other problems this client had become reconciled too.

What did we provide?

The WDC were initially asked to provide the examination services following on from training which was provided by another 3rd party supplier.

Welders were to be examined using MIG welding process on Aluminium material in accordance with EN ISO 9606-2.

WDC advised we could support in training the of welders with our CSWIP approved welding instructors who have the practical experience and skill to be able to correctly instruct the welders.

WDCs additional CSWIP welding examiners would follow on and conduct the welder approval examination.

What were the results?

Following discussions between the client’s welders and the training department, WDC were requested to come in and provide top quality training to the shop floor welders.

Following a short but effective period of WDC training (focused to each individual welder’s needs), we examined and supported the welders throughout the entire process, which led to the successful completion and passing of all of their certifications.

We also helped the client transfer from short circuit transfer modes using to a pulse transfer mode during MIG welding activities, this helped elevate the problems the client previously had with defects such a porosity (isolated and wormhole, lack of fusion defects).

How were WDC different?

WDC showed that we can become a single source solution to all welding problems for clients of any size. We can work with SME and Large scale multi-billion-pound turnover companies. No matter the size of the business or length and duration of the project, the WDC aim to work with clients as a partner and provide our expert support tailored to their requirements.

WDC can resolve issues such as

  • Welder training
  • Welder Examination
  • Welding process efficiencies
  • Support in transitioning to mechanisation
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Quality management system support
  • Creation of Weld procedures
  • Contract and Design review
  • NDT best practices
  • Bespoke inspection training