Peter Lyons passes the Internationally recognised TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering

Peter Lyons - The WDC
17/08/2020 - by Jack Miller

Co-Founder and Managing Director Peter Lyons passes the Internationally recognised TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering

We are proud to announce that Peter has passed the TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering, making him part of a small minority of people in the UK who holds this qualification. This prestigious diploma is Internationally recognised across the welding industry which is a testament to the hard work and dedication Peter has put in over the past 6 years since beginning the diploma.

Peter wanted to show that, despite already being highly qualified, continuous profession development is important, thus ensuring that there is always room to progress and keep learning. This ensures that the client receives the most reliable knowledge here at the WDC, which was the driving force for Peter to complete this diploma.

The TWI Diploma course content assists the participants in effectively satisfying the needs of the industry and provides the welding knowledge of two important standards: BS EN ISO 14731 ‘Welding Co-ordination – Tasks and Responsibilities’; and BS EN ISO 3834 ‘Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials’. This has helped Peter develop his knowledge further, which is paramount in order to help fulfil the industry shortage of qualified welding engineers, as well as provide the customers here at WDC the best service possible.

The TWI Diploma in Welding Engineering requires progression in stages through three levels of qualification:

  • Specialist (IWS) – 6 modules
  • Technologist (IWT) – 4 modules
  • Engineer (IWE) – 4 modules

Throughout the three levels, Peter also successfully passed several different subjects, including ‘Welding Processes and its Equipment’, ‘Design and Construction’, ‘Materials and their Behaviour’ as well as ‘Fabrication and Application’.

Ian Hogarth, the Chief Examiner at TWI, stated:

“The TWI Diploma confirms a high level of knowledge and expertise that is recognised around the world, supporting the exacting requirements for welding coordination across a wide range of applications, materials and processes. It is something which can place you above much of the competition and gives your customers high confidence in your organisational understanding of welding”.

As a result, the customers of WDC can be assured that they are receiving the highest and most qualified service possible, whether it is Welding Consultancy, Training or NDT services.

The successful completion of this diploma is a clear, high profile, independent verification of competence by the worlds leading authority in welding, something Peter is honoured to have achieved.

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