29/10/2020 - by Jack Miller

Another happy customer! Read below about the experience of Jason Simpson, a lead fabricator who specialises in gas and electrical sites, when he came to The WDC to extend his skill-set in MAG Root and Flux Core.

“I came to The WDC for training and to develop my skills in MAG root and Flux core in a variety of different positions. I came across The Welding Development Centre unit by chance when I was in and around the area of South Shields and thought I would give them a call to find out more about their services.

After a quick and friendly discussion over the phone, I decided to book some training. The booking process was so easy and the WDC team allowed the training to be suited around my needs and my availability which I wanted. I would say that the whole weld was tailored to me and the guys at The WDC provided a personal service.

On the first day of training, I was unsure of what to expect since it was my first time training at this unit, but Richie (WDC welding instructor and examiner) was spot on and answered every question I threw at him and kept me right throughout the weld, I can’t thank him enough. The thing which I found at The WDC which I have not experienced anywhere else is that it was an enjoyable and relaxed experience, Richie was more like a mate which relieved any tension I originally had. The fact it was an enjoyable experience for me, laughing and joking with the lads at the unit, but also learning a great deal and developing my skills at the same time was something I really liked.

Richie’s knowledge on the weld was spot on, he was always there by my side to answer any questions and keep me right, I learned loads from him and like I said, I can’t thank him enough for his help and advice.

Another thing which made my time training at the WDC that much better and easier was the equipment, it was top notch and it was great knowing that I was using top quality weld sets throughout my training. I would 100% recommend The WDC as place for training and a place to gain your welder qualifications, the lads are so talented and knowledgeable and made the process so enjoyable for me. I have already recommended the WDC to one of my friends and will continue to do so. A massive thanks to the WDC.’

- Jason Simpson