Graham McQueen Testimonial

13/10/2020 - by Jack Miller

Hear about how The WDC supported one of our recent customers, Graham McQueen, with welder training and coding needs in his own words...

“I was looking for a local facility in the South Shields area where I could take some training and achieve my welding coding’s, happily I came across The WDC when browsing the internet. The WDC were amazing in providing me with one-to-one training on MAG welding 6G Root Wire and flux core fill and cap. The booking process was fast and easy and the team at The WDC were quick in responding. I emailed enquiring about the services at around 7 o’clock one night and I received a response to my enquiry within five minutes. There was brilliant and friendly communication from all members of The WDC.

With having limited experience in this type of welding process, I needed more focused training to become more knowledgeable on the weld, something which I felt I would not have received from other companies. I can say that WDC were excellent in providing me with this one-to-one training. At first, it was quite daunting knowing I lacked experience in this welding process, but the lads at The WDC were great in putting me at ease and their knowledge on the subject was perfect.

One thing which I was most impressed with during this service, is that I was not rushed or put under any sort of pressure to finish my weld before a certain time. I was free to go at my own pace and felt comfortable throughout. I felt that they really cared about me as a customer and were 100% committed to helping me succeed. A member of the team was always available to provide guidance and for me to ask any questions. The advice and support I received during the training day was so helpful for me in gaining my certifications and helped me gain more confidence in this type of weld.

The facilities at the WDC were absolutely spot on, the unit is modern, clean and all of the welding gear I used was up to date. I would definitely recommend The WDC as a place for your training and consultancy needs”.

- Graham McQueen.

It is great to hear such an amazing response to the service we provided. Graham was a pleasure to work with and we are happy to say that he passed his certifications and has already received an electronic copy.

Well done Graham!